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The core of our chemical business is centred around UK storage and distribution of niche materials produced overseas.

The core of Thomson & Joseph chemical business is centred around UK storage and distribution of materials produced overseas.

We have been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard since 1994.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with key chemical producers across the globe including:


A European leader in metal chemistry Orrion Chemicals Metalchem based in France is a producer of specialist high purity metal nitrate salts and oxides.

5N Plus

A leading producer of specialty bismuth metal and chemical products. 5N Plus manufactures products used in a number of pharmaceutical, electronic and industrial applications.

Urvesh Psyllium Industries

An Indian producer of Psyllium (Ispaghula husks) and powder - a natural form of fibre for health and nutrition products.

Further information about these and other products please use the contact us form to send us your queries.

Full Product List:


Aluminium - Nitrate    Copper - Acetate   Strontium - Acetate
        - Carbonate     - Carbonate
Ammonium - Di-molybdate     - Chloride     - Chloride
  - Oxalate     - Oxychloride     - Fluoride
        - Nitrate     - Hydroxide
Barium - Acetate     - Sulphate     - Nitrate
  - Carbonate           - Oxalate
  - Fluoride    Iron - Nitrate     - Peroxide
  - Hydroxide           - Stearate
  - Nitrate    Magnesium - Acetate      
  - Oxalate     - Carbonate    Zinc - Acetate
  - Peroxide     - Chloride     - Nitrate
  - Stearate     - Hydroxide     - Sulphate
        - Nitrate      
Bismuth - Chloride     - Oxide      
  - Citrate     - Sulphate      
  - Hydroxide     - Trisilicate      
  - Nitrate            
  - Oxychloride    Manganese - Nitrate      
  - Oxide     - Oxide      
  - Subacetate            
  - Subcarbonate   Nickel - Acetate      
  - Subgallate     - Carbonate      
  - Subiodide     - Chloride      
  - Subnitrate     - Nitrate      
  - Subsalicylate     - Oxide      
        - Sulphate      
Cobalt - Acetate            
  - Carbonate    Potassium - Acetate      
  - Chloride     - Oxalate      
  - Nitrate            
  - Oxalate    Sodium - Acetate      
  - Oxide     - Molybdate      
  - Sulphate     - Oxalate      
        - Selenite      


Why choose us?

Thomson & Joseph have over 68 years experience in customer service and the provision of agricultural, industrial chemical and pharmaceutical products. Over the years we have developed strong relations with international key producers including OCM, Novus International, 5N Plus, Landus Cooperative, Albion Plant Nutrition, BioAg and Urvesh Psyllium Industries.
Our team are highly qualified to provide support in the agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological fields. As a company we are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance scheme, FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) and FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme). We have staff who are members of Society of Chemical Industry (SCI); British Society of Animal Science; British Nutritional Foundation; Nutrition Society; Society of Biology and the British Grassland Society.
Technical Support...
If you need to get in contact with us for technical support don't hesitate to call us on 01603 781217 or email us at
Customer Care...
We are an independent business who pride ourserlves on our customer service, having been established in 1951 we have continued to maintain our strong and personal customer relationships. We have also been accredited to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard since 1994.

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